Rabies Vaccination Service


Rabies Vaccination Service

Introduction to Rabies:

Rabies is a deadly viral disease that affects both animals and humans. It is primarily transmitted through the saliva of infected animals, usually through bites or scratches. Once symptoms appear, rabies is almost always fatal, making vaccination crucial for anyone traveling to high-risk areas.

Protect Yourself from Rabies:

At Wilberforce Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive Rabies Vaccination Service to ensure your safety during your travels. Our expert pharmacists are dedicated to keeping you protected against this potentially life-threatening disease.

Vaccination Requirements:

A full course of rabies vaccination typically consists of three doses, given over the course of a month. However, depending on your travel plans and prior vaccinations, your pharmacist will customize the schedule to ensure you are adequately protected.

Popular Holiday Destinations Requiring Rabies Vaccination:

  • Bali, Indonesia: Known for its stunning beaches and rich culture, Bali requires rabies vaccination due to the presence of rabid dogs.
  • Thailand: A popular destination for adventure seekers, rabies vaccination is recommended, especially if you plan to interact with animals.
  • India: Explore India's diverse landscapes and culture, but be aware that rabies is prevalent here, particularly in rural areas.
  • Costa Rica: Enjoy the lush rainforests and wildlife, but remember that rabies is a risk in this tropical paradise.

Take Action Today!

Don't risk your health while exploring the world. Ensure your safety by getting vaccinated against rabies at Wilberforce Pharmacy. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Schedule your vaccination appointment now!