ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety
and improve care home efficiency

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Ultimate Safety
Barcode safety
Atlas PCS (the hand-held device used by staff) shows the medications that should be administered.
Simply pick the packet and scan the pharmacy label using the barcode reader. Atlas PCS runs automatic
safety checks (medication, dose, timing, recipient) and flags up any potential issues.

Reduced medication errors
Research carried out by Cardiff University has proved that Atlas PCS eradicated 21 out of 23 types of
medication errors in care homes - errors that often posed significant risk to residents.
Operational Efficiency
Time savings
A typical care home will allocate over 350 hours per month of staff time to medicines management (e.g.
chasing prescriptions, booking in medicines, dealing with returns and administering medications).
Research carried out by Cardiff University has shown that care homes can free up an average of 65
hours per care home per month by using Atlas PCS.

Delegation of medicines administration from nurses to carers
In care homes providing nursing care, a full-time nurse is needed solely to administer medications. A
study carried out by Cardiff University demonstrated that the administration of medicines can be passed
safely from nurses (who have full oversight over processes using Atlas Central) to carers (using the hand-
held Atlas PCS device). This frees up nurses' time and maintains the highest levels of safety and
Audits and Compliance

Improved accountability and transparency

Atlas records everything. Every transaction that relates to medication is logged, along with staff codes. So
a full audit trail is available on Atlas Central and this information can be used to evidence quality to
regulators, as well as carrying out internal investigations.
Reduced risk and exposure
There's nothing more troubling than an embargo being placed on your care home or the threat of closure
due to poor medicines management. Atlas offers peace of mind by improving medicines management
and reducing the risk of professional and legal litigation.

Stock Control
Improved stock control
Balancing medicine stock levels is fundamental to good medicines management and plays a key part in
the overall quality of service provided to residents in care homes. Atlas helps manage stock levels to
avoid overstock whilst ensuring that medications don't run out. 
Optimisation of therapy
The reports available from Atlas Central help to ensure that residents' therapies are reviewed effectively.
For example, the Clinical Medication Report provides a snapshot of the current status of a resident’s
medicines management and can be used to prompt effective review.
Improved practice
Atlas helps enforce good practice throughout care homes. Adherence to PRN policies, stock ordering
protocols, homely remedies, topical creams and controlled drugs procedures is enforced on the system,
which improves compliance, and issues such as missing entries on MAR charts become a thing of the

Pharmacy Integration
Dispensing processes tailored to your requirements
Pharmacies using Invatech products follow a strict process for dispensing medication. Each prescription
is scanned into an image that can be viewed on Atlas Central. Each medication item is barcode-validated
to ensure it is correctly dispensed, and every label is issued with a barcode so it can be scanned on Atlas
Choose your pharmacy
As the number of pharmacies using Invatech’s Titan system grows, you will be able to select from an
increasing number of pharmacies to supply medications to your care home.

Complete Control
Atlas Scorecard
The Atlas Scorecard is an analytics tool designed specially for care homes, which provides a single rating
for medicines management. Designed for groups that want to compare performance between services,
the Atlas Scorecard takes data from Atlas PCS and allows care homes to easily drill down to identify
areas of improvement.
Outstanding management information
The reports available from Atlas Central give care home managers the ability to identify staff training
needs and areas of practice that need to be addressed. Senior Management can also be alerted to any of
their care homes that are falling short of expected standards.
Improved outcomes
Atlas is the only system that prompts the recording of resident outcomes. Information about a resident's
state of health at regular intervals is overlaid with data about medicines management to generate a true
picture of a person's general health. This is a key factor in helping prevent deterioration and hospital

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